RE3 Relax 99

RE3 Relax 99 Foot Massager

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A massage device, specially designed for legs. This relaxing and recovering device has powerful massage areas specially built for soles of feet, legs and the lower parts of the thighs. It also contains  a warming function to improve circulation, metabolism, and recovery.   

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The upper massaging head, that moves 90°, meant for massaging the lower thighs, helps you to adjust the device for different chair heights, or e.g. in front of an arm-chair.

Automatic massage programmes and manual controls make sure that you will find the massage power and style that you want. 99 Relax leg massager utilizes the same air massage technology as the 1669 Superior ja 2106 Deluxe massaging chairs. A pleasing massage with multiple actions.

The massage rollers stimulate the acupuncture points in your soles, and this combined with air massage, gives you an excellent massage result.

This model is something totally new, it is something else than the traditional foot massage devices, that are meant only for warming the soles of your feet.

Specially designed for runners, cyclists, trekkers, and people who work on their feet all day. It is always ready, no matter what time it is – You save money because you don't have to schedule for an appointment for massage.

  • Improves your training by upgrading your recovery methods.
  • Health benefits for your workers, less overstraining.
  • Being healthy is now inexpensive – Your and your close ones benefit.

Many customers have chosen the RE3 in sports, at work, and for their leisure time.

Weight: 25 kg. This is a model CE approved and codified. 

1 year guarantee.


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